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Are online pokies legal in Australia?

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For many Australians, the allure of online pokies, a colloquial term for slot machines, holds a powerful grip. However, the legal landscape surrounding these digital one-armed bandits is a convoluted labyrinth.

This article delves deeper into the complex legalities of online pokies in Australia, exploring the regulations, the gray areas, and safe alternatives.

The Interactive Gambling Act (IGA) of 2001: A Firewall with Loopholes

The Interactive Gambling Act (IGA) of 2001 serves as the bedrock of online gambling regulations in Australia. This act established a clear distinction: while some forms of online gambling are legal, others are strictly prohibited.

The IGA primarily targets the supply side – it outlaws Australian-based gambling operators from offering online casino services, including pokies, to residents within the country.

This seemingly straightforward legislation becomes murky upon closer inspection. The IGA defines prohibited online gambling activities as:

  • Online casino games: This encompasses the entire spectrum of casino-style games, including roulette, blackjack, and most importantly for our discussion, pokies.
  • In-play sports betting: The act restricts wagering on sporting events as they unfold, with some exceptions.
  • Specific lottery betting: Betting on the outcome of unauthorized lotteries falls under the IGA’s purview.

The IGA’s focus lies on the operator, not the player. This creates a legal gray area for individuals accessing offshore pokies websites. While technically, playing on these sites might not be explicitly illegal, it’s crucial to understand the inherent risks involved.

The Risks Associated with Offshore Pokies Sites:

  • Unlicensed Operations: These offshore pokies sites lack the rigorous regulatory oversight of licensed operators. This raises concerns about fairness in payouts, responsible gambling practices, and the potential for manipulation of game outcomes.
  • Financial Risks: Disputes with offshore operators can lead to difficulty recovering deposited funds or winning amounts. Unlike licensed operators, offshore sites often operate outside the legal framework, making resolving financial issues a complex and challenging endeavor.
  • Site Blocking: The Australian government actively attempts to block access to unlicensed online gambling websites. This can create a frustrating situation where you are unable to access either your account or winnings.

Although online pokies are off-limits, some forms of online gambling are legal in Australia, provided they are offered by licensed operators:

  • Online Sports Betting: You can legally wager on sporting events after they’ve begun, with licensed online sports betting platforms. These platforms are subject to strict regulations, ensuring fair play and responsible gambling practices.
  • Online Lotteries: Official government-sanctioned lottery operators offer online services. Participating in these lotteries guarantees legitimacy and eliminates the risks associated with offshore operators.

Beyond Legality: Responsible Gambling Practices

Regardless of the chosen platform, responsible gambling practices remain paramount. Here are some key points to remember:

  • Set Limits: Establish a budget for your online gambling activities and stick to it. Never chase losses by exceeding your predetermined limits.
  • Time Management: Schedule specific times for online gambling and adhere to those timeframes. Avoid letting online gambling disrupt your daily routine or obligations.
  • Seek Help: Resources like GambleAware offer support and assistance for individuals struggling with gambling addiction.

The Future of Online Pokies in Australia: A Path Forward

The legal landscape surrounding online pokies in Australia is constantly evolving. There’s ongoing debate about potential reforms to the IGA, with some advocating for a regulated online pokies market.

This could potentially generate tax revenue and provide a safer environment for players. However, concerns about potential social and economic consequences remain.


The current situation surrounding online pokies in Australia presents a complex picture. While the legality of playing on offshore sites is ambiguous, the associated risks are significant. Legal alternatives like online sports betting and lotteries offer a safer path for those seeking to gamble online.

Remember, responsible gambling practices are crucial, regardless of the platform chosen. As the legal landscape evolves, staying informed and prioritizing responsible gambling habits will allow Australians to navigate the pokie paradox with a greater sense of security.

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