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Canada Gambling

There has been a steady increase in the number of people gambling in Canada over the course of the last few decades, and each of the country’s provinces now boasts record-breaking betting margins. Yet, since different territories and provinces have different laws regulating gambling, the regulations concerning when and where gamblers are allowed to play may be rather complicated. Gambling online is permitted in Canada so long as players do it at an online casino site that is physically based outside of the country or on a gambling app that is given by their respective provincial or territorial lottery corporations. On this page, you’ll learn all you need to know about the gambling regulations in Canada, as well as how to choose the finest online betting sites and other relevant information.

Statistics Relating to Gambling in Canada

Casinos, sports betting, lottery games, and the approximately 87,000 electronic gambling machines that are already in operation throughout the nation combine to bring in nearly C$14 billion per year in income for Canada. They comprise 25,000 operators permitted to conduct temporary casinos, raffles, and bingos in addition to the 33,000 lottery vendors and land-based casinos.

There are a total of 60 land-based casinos and 250 racing tracks. It is estimated that each family in Canada gambles away an annual average of one thousand dollars Canadian (C$1,000) of their income.

The amount of money that is gambled on various forms of Canada gambling is relatively stable, as shown by the regional reports. In contrast to Quebec, which had the highest rate of gamblers, the gambling rate in Manitoba is very modest.

These two extremes each have 50% of the total, whereas the other has 69%. Gamblers and gamers may be found in every economic bracket in Quebec, while the percentage of people in Manitoba who spends between one and twenty Canadian dollars on gambling each month is much lower at 33 percent. It is ten percentage points lower than the national average.

Tickets for the Canadian lottery are the most popular form of gambling in the country, with a participation rate of 65%. 36% of people like playing instant win scratch tickets, whereas just 22% are avid casino goers.

Canada Gambling Laws

Before 1969, the only places in Canada where you could place a wager were on charity lotteries  and horse races that were held at fairs. In the latter part of that year, the government of Canada amended the Criminal Code to include a provision that authorizes the country’s 10 provinces and the federal government to run lotteries. After further consideration, the federal government made the decision in 1985 to abdicate responsibility for the regulation of additional forms of gambling, including betting on sports and
casinos. Nonetheless, the Criminal Code did not change its provisions regarding the types of activities that are legal for persons to engage in, such as the following:

Canadian Criminal Code

  • Section 201 of the Canadian Criminal Code prohibits both running a betting house and being
    present in one.
  • Section 202 outlines offenses that are related to illegal forms of betting, including pool-selling
    and bookmaking.
  • Section 203 makes it illegal to place wagers on behalf of others.
  • Under Section 205 of the Canadian Criminal Code, it is illegal to participate in lotteries or games
    of luck.
  • Section 207 allows provincial governments to manage lottery programs independently or in
    collaboration with other governments. Additionally, religious or charitable organizations may
    conduct lotteries if they obtain a license from the Lieutenant Governor.

Canadian Regulators and Gambling Authorities

1. New Brunswick

The New Brunswick Lotteries and Gaming Corporation (NBLGC) has been given the responsibility of managing provincial gambling in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 207(1)(a) of Canada’s Criminal Code. In New Brunswick, the Gaming, Liquor, and Security Licensing Division of the Department of Justice and Public Safety is in charge of controlling and regulating both the charity gaming industry as well as provincial gambling. In addition, this branch issues licenses for charitable gaming.

2. Manitoba

Manitoba Liquor, Gaming, and Cannabis Authority is in charge of regulating and issuing licenses for all forms of gaming that take place inside the province of Manitoba. All gaming equipment providers to licensed operators in the province of Manitoba are required
to be registered with the Manitoba Gambling Control Commission.

3. British Columbia

The British Columbia Gaming Policy & Enforcement Branch is a division of the BCLC that is responsible for the regulatory monitoring and licensing of charitable gaming. This branch is housed inside the Ministry of Finance. The British Columbia Lottery Corporation is in charge of running and managing all commercial gambling operations in the province. This includes the operation of Canadian gambling sites.

4. Alberta

The Alberta Gaming, Liquor, and Cannabis Commission is an institution that oversees the regulation of gaming activities, adult-use cannabis, and alcoholic drinks inside the province. The province of Alberta just has only one regulatory organization.

5. Ontario

Slot machines and casinos in Ontario are governed by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO), which is responsible for their oversight and regulation. These casinos are managed and operated by the OLG, which is short for the Ontario Lottery
and Gaming Commission. The OLG is also in charge of overseeing the introduction of internet gambling in the province of Ontario. 

6. Nova Scotia

Service Nova Scotia’s Alcohol, Gaming, and Tobacco Branch is responsible for the administration of certain provisions of the Gambling Control Act. In addition to producing considerable revenues, the Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation is responsible for regulating the gambling sector to ensure that it is acting responsibly toward society

Bonus up to : 1500 € + 150 Free Spins
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7. Prince Edward Island

Bingo, raffles, casino evenings, and charity gaming are some of the activities that fall within the purview of the Consumer, Corporate, and Insurance Division of the Department of Justice and Public Safety. The licensing of gaming operations in the province is under the purview of the Prince Edward Island Lotteries Commission, which is also in charge of overseeing these operations.

8. Quebec

The Québec Lottery Corporation is the government body that is responsible for the operation of casinos in the province of Quebec as well as the regulation of bingo, conventional lotteries, and gaming machines found inside casinos. All casino operations, as well as some types of lotteries, competitions, and video lottery terminals, are governed by the Quebec Alcohol, Racing, and Gaming Commission.

9. Saskatchewan

By way of the Band Council Resolutions, the Indigenous Gaming Regulators oversee and provide licenses for charity gaming operations conducted by First Nations members on reserves. The Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority is in charge of overseeing all of the gaming operations that take place inside the province.

10. Northwest Territories

In this territory, the regulation of activities involving alcohol and gaming is within the purview of the Department of Municipal and Community Affairs and the Northwest Territories Liquor, Gambling, and Cannabis Commission, respectively.

11. Nunavut

The Department of Health is the most important regulatory authority that operates within this region. It is in charge of regulating gaming operations within the territory of Nunavut.

12. Yukon

The Yukon Professional Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Division (Department of Community Services) and Charity Gaming Licensing are regulatory agencies that are responsible for monitoring gaming operations in the province and issuing licenses for such activities.

13. Newfoundland & Labrador

The Newfoundland and Labrador Consumer Affairs Div. (Digital Government & Service) is the division in charge of regulating all gaming operations in the province, including the lottery fundraisers done by non-profit and charity organizations.

Legislation Regarding Gambling in Each of Canada's Provinces


The Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba is in charge of overseeing and enforcing the laws governing all types of gaming in this province. PlayNow Manitoba is the only legitimate online casino in the province, although there are no regulations that prevent citizens from gambling at land-based or online casinos in other countries. Bettors in Manitoba may participate in sports betting via the Sport Choose website, but they are limited to placing bets worth no more than $250 CAD every day.


Since inhabitants of this province are not prohibited from gambling at online casinos, betting is quite popular in this jurisdiction. There are a total of 25 land-based casinos in the state of Alberta, and players must be at least 18 years old to enter. Betting on sports is also quite popular in Alberta, despite the fact that players may only place bets on parlays and that they are limited to spending no more than $250 CAD per day on sports betting.


Residents of Saskatchewan are permitted to visit online casinos that are headquartered in other countries or provinces, but it is illegal for online casinos to have a physical presence or be operated inside the province itself. It is not against the law to operate a casino on property in Saskatchewan. It is possible to put wagers on sporting events in Saskatchewan, but only via the Sports Select betting service, and every wager (with the exception of those made on horse races) must be a parlay bet.


It is not against the law in Ontario to gamble at any of the province’s land-based casinos, and a number of establishments have slot machines. Residents are permitted to wager at any offshore casino site since the regulations governing internet casinos aren’t very stringent. PlayOLG is the only online casino in Ontario that is licensed and regulated. Fans of sports betting in Ontario who wish to wager on sports may utilize the Pro-Line betting service, and they will soon be able to choose from a wide choice of online sports betting operators when the industry expands in 2022. Citizens are also eligible to take part in the draws for the provincial
lottery. Gambling is allowed at one of the two casinos that are run by the government in Nova Scotia, where it is totally lawful to do so. Gamblers who want to wager on sports may do so via the Pro-Line website, while those who prefer to play casino games can do so at any online casino that is headquartered outside of the United States (only parlay bets are allowed). The government of the province authorizes the holding of video lotteries, ticket lotteries, and several other charity activities like bingo.


Gamblers in Quebec are permitted to play at a number of offshore casinos, one of which is run by the government and is known as Espacejeux. The province of Quebec has some of the most lenient gaming legislation in all of Canada. MiseO-Jeu is the only betting site in this province that is regulated, and the only bets that may be placed there are parlay bets. The province of Quebec is home to nine traditional casinos, each of which welcomes gamblers over the age of 18.

Prince Edward Island

Land-based casinos are permitted on Prince Edward Island, despite the fact that the province does not yet host any functioning casinos specifically catering to gamblers. While internet casinos are not governed by any specific regulations, sports bettors who are
interested in placing wagers may utilize the Pro-Line betting service, which is available to residents of the Atlantic provinces. The people of the province may participate in a lottery that is run by the Atlantic Lottery Company.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Land-based casinos are not allowed in this province, and the province also does not have any internet casinos that are licensed. But, there is no regulation in Newfoundland and Labrador that prevents people from living there from gambling at online casinos situated in other countries. While the majority of betting websites headquartered in other countries do not have limits of this kind, the Atlantic Lottery’s Pro-Line service allows players to place maximum daily wagers of up to $250 Canadian dollars.

New Brunswick

Given that New Brunswick is home to just one land-based casino, you can safely assume that gambling in casinos is permitted across the province. While the province does not have an official online casino that is run by the government, those who are interested in participating in online casino gaming are permitted to do so at offshore betting sites. ALC’s Pro-Line is the sole site that provides locals with access to regulated sports betting options.

British Columbia

There are a large number of gaming opportunities available on the West coast of British Columbia, including 15 actual casinos.
PlayNow is the sole (official) means to place bets on sporting events and casino games, but the legislation does not prohibit gamblers from signing up for accounts with betting companies that are situated in other countries. All sports bettors located in British Columbia who use our website are required to place parlay bets

Various Age Limits for Gambling in Canada

Technically speaking, the minimum age to gamble in Canada is 19, yet the regulations governing gambling are ultimately decided by each individual province’s government. For instance, the minimum age required to gamble legally in the provinces of Nova Scotia,
Ontario, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland, and Labrador, Yukon, Nunavut, and the Northwest Territories is 19. Nevertheless, the minimum age to participate in legal gambling in Manitoba, Alberta, and Quebec is 18. So, the environment in which you compete has an effect on the outcome. The minimum age required by any jurisdiction to legally gamble also applies to any gambling done online. Hence, much as it is done in casinos that are physically located in brick-and-mortar
locations, Canadian online casinos, and sports betting sites will need you to provide proof of your age before you can begin placing bets.

Best Canadian Online Casinos

1. Lucky 8

The Lucky 8 online casino is home to more than 3000 different games and boasts a win percentage that is among the greatest (98.5%). These Canadian gambling sites features a minimal bonus playthrough requirement, permits several payment options, and pays out anywhere from one to three days after receiving a request for a withdrawal. The website features a sleek, up-to-date design that is intuitive and user-friendly, making it ideal for novices. Moreover, there is a smartphone app that may be downloaded.

2. Neon 54

This online casino boasts a modern interface and provides users with access to a wide variety of table games, slot machines, and other gaming options. It provides new players with an alluring welcome bonus, as well as further promotions and benefits for gamers who continue to play there. Consumer help is accessible 24/7. Also, it is compatible with a variety of payment options, such as PayPal, Visa Card, and others.

3. Slots Palace

Slots Palace is a reputable online casino that has been in business since 2022 and has more than 600 games, including games with live dealers. Both new and current players are eligible to get bonus incentives and free spins when they make a deposit. Gamers have access to about 30 different payment choices, and withdrawals are processed quickly and easily.

4. Richprize

Every participant at RichPrize will have access to the casino’s extensive game library, thrilling promotions, and generous bonuses. It provides thousands of slot machines in addition to dozens of live dealer games. The website may be navigated with relative ease, and a mobile app can be downloaded from them, albeit the app is only accessible for sporting events. Energy Casino provides its
customers with a variety of banking options, and its RTP falls between 95% and 99%.

5. Ruby Vegas

This website provides access to more than 400 different games, some of them are popular table games, some are live dealer games, and others are slot games. Welcome bonuses that include free spins are available to new players from Canada. The website displays correctly on mobile devices as well as desktop computers. Moreover, it allows a variety of payment options, and quick withdrawals may be made via e-wallets. In addition to that, it offers a VIP program, and the RTP on average is 95%.

6. Rollingslots

About 80 different software developers have contributed over 1000 different table games and slots to Rollingslots collection. VIP players from other online casinos are eligible for unique incentives via this website. It is compatible with a variety of payment methods, and there are no fees associated with deposits. The RTP ranges from 96% to 99.8%

Bonus up to : 1500 € + 150 Free Spins
Bonus up to

Bonus up to :

900 AU$ + 250 Free Spins

Players from Australia accepted
✅ Above average withdrawal limit

Best Online Sportsbooks in Canada

1. LeoVegas

This website provides betting markets for over 30 different sports, in addition to a live betting platform. Additionally, it offers profit boosts and free bets, in addition to pre-match boosts for the football markets. Debit, credit, and prepaid cards can all be used to make payments that are both free and instant if the player is registered. There is a mobile application available for download, and the stakes are high.

2. William Hill

Over the past two decades, William Hill has established itself as one of the most prominent online betting sites. It extends a warm welcome to new users by providing them with a welcome package and provides Canadian bettors with access to a diverse selection of sports and markets. It comes with a one-of-a-kind card called the William Plus Card, which gives you the ability to link bets that you place at a William betting shop to those that you place on your online account.

3. TonyBet

Since it offers bettors in Canada access to a diverse range of betting markets and odds that are among the best available, Tony Bet is a well-regarded online sportsbook in the country. In most cases, a welcome gift is sent to new players, and there may also be a mobile app that may be downloaded. The website supports a wide variety of banking options and provides exceptional customer service to those who use it.

4. BetVictor

BetVictor is one of the major bookmakers since it has an exceptional mobile and online sports gambling product that provides customers with a wide variety of free bets and betting odds that are among the best in the industry. The website offers a high-quality live broadcast as well as an in-play service. BetVictor allows customers to choose from a number of different payment methods, and immediate withdrawals may be made via Skrill and Neteller.

5. 888Sport

The primary focus of 888Sport is on sports betting, although the website also includes poker and a casino. Free bets and several additional promos are available to new players. The website covers a diverse assortment of sports, markets, and leagues all around the world. Bets may be placed by players using a downloaded mobile app that performs well, and Canadian bettors have access to a service that is enough for their needs in terms of sports betting.

Best Horse Betting Sites in Canada

Around ten billion Canadian dollars are wagered annually on horse racing, making it one of the most popular gambling sports in the world. Horse racing is known for being an unpredictable and fast-paced activity. Among the most well-known racetracks in Canada include the Charlottetown Raceway, the Hanover Raceway, the Hippodrome Quebec, Hastings Park, and the Grand River Raceway.

What Is Pari-Mutuel?

Bettors on a specific event put a pool stake, and the pool is split amongst the winners, while the house deducts a tiny proportion of the total bets. Pari-mutuel is a kind of gambling in which the house takes a small percentage of the total wagers. The Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency is in charge of overseeing and regulating the pair mutuel betting on horse racing that takes place at all racetracks in Canada. This is done to guarantee that the public is treated fairly. The races for the Triple Crown, which include the Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes, and Preakness Stakes, as well as the Breeders Cup, are consistently ranked among the most popular opportunities for wagering on horses. Bettors from Canada who are interested in placing wagers on horse races may find some of the greatest options at the following websites:

● Mr. Green
● TonyBet
● William Hill
● Karamba
● Mr. Play Sport

Payment Providers

Your level of pleasure in online gambling Canada is directly correlated to how quickly, easily, and most importantly safely you can move money. You want to transfer your wins whenever you want, post cash to your favorite sites in a flash, and check your account balance whenever you want, no matter where you are or what time it is. The quality of the payment providers varies depending on your priorities, but many online casinos today provide a broad variety of payment methods (and withdrawal alternatives) that
are rapid, secure, and simple to use. The quality of the payment providers varies depending on your preferences. Let me walk you
through some of the most common ways of making payments in the realm of online gaming.

Software Providers

The software suppliers that an online casino or sportsbook chooses to collaborate with are one of the most important factors in determining the identity of that gambling website. The caliber of the game developers that are present at a particular online casino or betting site has an effect, above and beyond the operation of the site itself, on the selection of games that are offered there. The sites that are powered by software giants like NetEnt and Evolution are going to provide games for Casino players, and we have made the effort to break down the many possibilities that are out there by just this measure. Who utilizes which supplier and who is the most skilled at what they do are essential considerations in our assessments and suggestions that are generated as a consequence.

What to Look for in an Online Gambling Platform in Canada

Players from Canada who are interested in gambling online will discover a variety of alternatives accessible to them. However, they need to make sure that the site they choose to gamble on is trustworthy and will fulfill their needs. The following is a list of important criteria to think about while selecting the finest gambling site in Canada.

Canada Online Casinos, Canada, Hungry Casino

Game Variety

The majority of online casino sites have partnered with a broad variety of software companies to provide Canadian gamers with a comprehensive game library. But, you need to be sure that the website includes the games that you like playing the most. Although some gambling websites put more of an emphasis on slot machines, others provide more opportunities to play table games. The majority of online casino sites will let you check out the games they provide prior to requiring you to register and deposit any money. If you are interested in placing a bet on sports, you should investigate which sports are offered and how competitive the odds are in comparison to those offered by other bookmakers. You should always make your wagers with sportsbooks that provide a wide range of sports on which to wager and odds that are among the most competitive available. This will ensure that you receive the most value for your money.

Canada Online Casinos, Canada, Hungry Casino

Protection and Safekeeping

Since users must both withdraw and deposit funds while using online betting sites, the platform's security is of the utmost importance. In order to keep your personal information and financial details secure, you should be sure to play only on gambling sites that have an SSL certificate. If you're going to wager on casino games, the betting website you use should also have a license issued by a credible gaming authority. This will guarantee that the games are played fairly and safely.

Canada Online Casinos, Canada, Hungry Casino

Ways of Making Deposits and Withdrawals

Think about using a betting website that lets you effortlessly withdraw money and make deposits using ways that are just as easy to use. It would be perfect if there was an online gambling canada website that offered a large range of different payment options. When you join a betting site, check to see whether your chosen method of making deposits and withdrawals is supported by the site. Checking the time it takes to pay out your winnings and the limitations on withdrawals is another important step.

Canada Online Casinos, Canada, Hungry Casino

Reward Loyalty

A great sportsbook or casino should have a ton of different incentives and prizes available for players to take advantage of. New users should also be eligible for the welcome bonus offer that is currently being promoted. Also, existing gamers should be eligible for a variety of incentives and awards depending on the length of time they have been associated with the company. Because of these benefits, you will be able to play some of your favorite games without having to spend any of your own money. Players from Ontario are not eligible for this promotion. In Ontario's casinos or sportsbooks, it is prohibited to advertise any deals or bonuses.

Canada Online Casinos, Canada, Hungry Casino

Registration and Licensing in Canada

Because of the stringent regulations that govern such businesses, online betting companies often generate enormous tax revenues for the countries in which they operate. Be sure that the website that you select to use for gambling online is authorized to operate by the relevant Canadian gaming authorities. Playing at an online casino that is locally registered can safeguard you against a variety of risks, including those related to the accessibility of your funds and the integrity of the game. In spite of this, we are aware that not all Canadian provinces offer regulated online casinos where you are able to play; consequently, when it comes to offshore sportsbooks and casinos, you should make sure that you visit one that we recommend. This is because we can guarantee that you will have a fantastic experience placing bets in Canada if you use one of our recommended sites.

Canada Online Casinos, Canada, Hungry Casino

Assistance to Customers

Check out a few different reviews, and make sure the online casino you choose has customer service available around the clock. You may have to wait for many days before getting answers to your questions if you play at a casino that does not provide customer service on weekends. Before you sign up for an online betting site, check to see whether or not the customer care team can be reached by phone, email, or live chat at all times. Every day, we assist hundreds of gamers in placing bets that are legitimate, safe, and secure in 12 different nations. We conduct the research in order to save you the trouble of doing it. Lists of the top finest websites in the gaming business are compiled and ranked by our knowledgeable team. Browse some of the most popular online sports betting, casino, and poker sites, as well as read some of our evaluations, techniques, and recommendations.


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