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Blacklisted Online Casinos in Australia: Safety Above All

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Playing online games for real money is a great way to enjoy the thrill of gambling in a casino. You can sit in your home, get the same excitement as a real casino, and win cash. Sounds pretty cool, right? But it is also a short way to get scammed and get into trouble if you choose the wrong website. 

Yes, there are some legitimate online casinos, but there are also a bunch of untrustworthy and dangerous casinos. In Australia, one in every twenty people enjoy playing online casinos. So you must know about the blacklisted online casinos in Australia to play it safe.

Playing online casinos can be a very fun experience if you do it right. When you research legal online casinos, you will surely enjoy a better selection of games and security. It will take some time, but it is worth every minute. So before you set foot in the world of online casinos, do proper research and go for the legal ones.

Who Blacklists Online Casinos in Australia?

ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) requests the ISPs to block illegal casino sites. The Telecommunications Act 1997, section 313, allows them to ban illegal websites.

They ask the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to block access to websites involved in serious criminal and civil offenses. This involves gambling sites that breach the Interactive Gambling Act 2001.

You can send a complaint to them if you see any illegal website in their online complaint form or call their service center. You can remain anonymous if you want.

What Happens in Blacklisted Casinos in Australia?

When you play in blacklisted casinos in Australia, you will face the worst problems. They may look legitimate and flashy, but you risk your money and data. One of the most common issues in banned casinos is they do not pay your winnings. Or they may take a too much complicated process or a long time to make the payment. 

Sometimes, the games are not random and scam you on purpose. That is because these sites are not monitored closely. That means you will put money into games, hoping to win, but the games are unfair. You will not get any real chance to win anything, and your money will be lost.

They are also known for advertising spam or false deals. They will show you alluring offers to trap you, which don’t exist. They will lie and scam people to bring in new players. If you play on one of those sites for long, it will be too late to recover your losses.

What are The Red Flags to Look For in an Online Casino?

As they appear and work like real casinos, spotting an illegal site can sometimes be hard. You have to look for certain things before you put your money on the line.

Who are The Software Providers?

First, look at the software providers responsible for the online casino. Finding some renowned iGames developer companies on the list may indicate that the casino is trustworthy. If you see names like Microgaming, NetEnt, Yggdrasil, and other reputable companies, you can trust them.

If the casino is built on custom software or if you can’t find any information on the game vendors, it’s a red flag. You should stay away from those sites.

Do They Have a License?

Look for information about the license and the legality of the casino. In Australia, all online casinos must have an ACCC license. With it, the casino will be considered legal and safe. A valid ACCC license protects the player’s rights and personal data.

How Helpful is The Customer Support?

Active and helpful customer support is one of the vital requirements of an online casino. Try to message or email the customer care of the selected casino website. Check how long they take to respond and whether they are helpful. Having an unresponsive or unhelpful customer care is a huge rad fag. It is better to look for companies that care about their customers.

Why are Some Casinos Blacklisted in Australia?

The ACMA can ban an online casino for various reasons. The legality of the casino varies from country to country. One casino may be legal in the USA but illegal in Australia. The main factors are the country’s rules and regulations and dedication to keeping their citizens safe.

But some specific factors trigger a ban on the websites in Australia, such as:

  1. Not having an ACCC license
  2. Violating any rules of the Interactive Gambling Act, 2001 of Australia
  3. False or spam advertising
  4. Extended withdrawal process for the winnings
  5. Unfair odds in the games
  6. Unresponsive customer service

Which Online Casino Websites are Blacklisted in Australia?

The list of blacklisted online casinos in Australia is pretty long. ACMA has blacklisted more than 950 online casino websites in total. Some of the major and well-known websites are:

  • Casino Moons
  • GW Casino
  • Rich Plans Casino
  • House of Jack Casino
  • Ozein Casino
  • Azte Casino
  • Balza Casino
  • BetiBet Casino
  • BlitStarz Casino
  • Bizzo Casino
  • Casino Rocket
  • Free Spin Casino
  • Hell Spin Casino

How To Stay Safe

Australian players who are interested in playing online games for real money have a lot of opportunities. To stay safe, you have to keep an eye on the blacklisted casinos. It is always better to be careful. You may end up in a bad situation if you play carelessly and go for the canned casinos. You can check the list of the blacklisted online casino websites on the official ACMA site. 

Besides, always research before putting your money in any online casino. Remember the red flags mentioned earlier and clearly understand the game you want to play. Read the terms and conditions of the website carefully so that you know your rights. If you face any problem, first try to contact customer support through live chat or email.

If the casino doesn’t have an ACCC license, you better avoid it and look for other options. Also, ensure that the casino uses reliable and secure payment methods. An SSL encryption is a must to protect your personal data.

Final Thoughts

Playing online games and winning money seems a cool and exciting idea. But the risks are also very severe. If your card or bank account information ends up in the wrong hands, you will be in big trouble. Also, if the casino is blacklisted, then there is always a chance of getting scammed and losing all your money and winnings. Therefore you have to be very careful to choose the casino you play.

Gambling can be very addictive. If you don’t control your emotions, your life can change forever. If you feel too addicted to the casino, you can ban yourself temporarily or permanently. Responsible gambling is the key to success and entertainment in this industry.


Is playing on online casinos safe?

Well, that depends on which casino you want to play on. Go through the T&C carefully and check whether the casino has a legal license. It is best to avoid casinos without a license.

What to do if I feel addicted to casino games?

Responsible gambling is the best way to get out of this situation. Most of the established and popular casinos have responsible gambling commitments. You can temporarily or permanently ban yourself from the casino if you like it.

Yes, but they have to acquire the ACCC license to operate any casino business in Australia. An Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) license protects players and resolves disputes.

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